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Metal God, motherfuckers!

Name: Rachel Chaos!.
Age: Fiveteen.
Age you act: Older, I guess.
Sex: Female.
Significant other? If so, tell us a bit about him or her: Um yeah his name is Randy Bylthe. He's in some band. We have hot passionate sex every night. Ohh baby....But seriously, no. I guess all my others are insignificant. :(
Do you play any instruments? If so, what?: Guitar for 3 years.

Ten favorite bands: Slayer, Anorexia Nervosa, Bloodbath, Cryptopsy, Emperor, Mayhem, At the Gates, Morbid Angel, Nile, Gorgasm.
Your one FAVORITE band and why: Umm, Slayer, but only with Dave Lombardo because he's the man and they were lame without him. They're what got me into metal when I was 11, and Kerry King is why I play guitar. And Seasons in the Abyss is amazingggg.
Musical genres, other than metal, that you enjoy: Real fuckin' punk rock (oi, crust, street punk, anarcho-punk, etc), thrash, some rap, some indie, whatever.
Who was the first metal band you liked? Do you still like them today?: Slayer. Yes. [see above]
Favorite movies: 12 Monkeys, Detroit Rock City, Repo-Man, Rock N Roll High School, Good Burger, Attic Expeditions, Beetlejuice, the Brave Little Toaster.
Favorite book(s): 1984, A Clockwork Orange, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger, Edgar Allan Poe stuff.

What is your opinion on...
Metallica: Never really been into them. And not to sound cliche, but their new stuff reallyyy blows. They have a few good older songs but that's about it.
Nu-metal: Worst. Crap. Ever.
Cradle Of Filth - goth metal or black metal?: Um, shit metal. But between those two, goth.
Evanescence: Horrible. & I don't care if that chick is a good singer, her band still blows.
Hot Topic: Lame. It's ridiculous. I have a couple pins from there, but that's it. I can't stand those kids who go there and spend lots of money of those fuckin' pants and fishnets and wrist bands and stupid raver shit and whatnot. They don't look badass, they look stupid. People gotta stop caring about their apperance and being materalistic. They're pathetic.
Gay marriage, and gay people in general: Um, they're the same at straight people. Yeah and gay marriage should be legal.
Racism: Disgusting. This kid I know got his mohawk ripped out by some Nazi punks just because he was black, and stuff that that is so dumb. People have been racist towards me, since I'm Mexican, what the fuck, it's soo lame. It pisses me off. It's the same as gay marriage; the only that that people should be judged on is their personality.
Sexism: It's really dumb. I've had endless arguments with my mom because she wouldn't let my little brother get pink shoes, because apparently only girls are allowed to wear that. But, on the other side, lots of girls give into sexism and being the ideal woman or slutting themselves out or whatever. It's degrating. I HATE stuff like that. Everyone should just be equal, yo.

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omgz no n00dz??! fine.

Eww. *vomits.*

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+Real metal
+Hot Topic answer
+Evanescence answer
+Nu metal answer
-Metallica answer

And you just kick ass.

+++punk rock
+all of your opinions
+being pretty is also a (plus) =)

Yes, I suck because I don't have banners for my community. BUT YOU ARE ACCEPTED.