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Metal God

Name: Julie.
Age: fourteen
Age you act: Depends on situation. I could act 35 or 10.
Sex: female
Significant other? If so, tell us a bit about him or her: Mark. punk rocker. obnoxious asshole. brought up on punk, metal, and hardcore. my favorite person ever.
Do you play any instruments? If so, what?: ehh. I used to play clarinet. Now I just fool around on the harp occasionally.

Ten favorite bands: (these are my favorite bands that are capable of fitting under a metal genre) As I Lay Dying, Daughters, Ed Gein, Converge, BTBAM, GnR, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Ministry 
Your one FAVORITE band and why: my absolute favorite band is Nirvana. Though not metal and some find Nirvana overrated, this is the band that turned me away from the rap scene and into the rock scene. No matter how cliche people say they are, I find Nirvana to be possibly the best band of all time, whether Kurt Cobain is dead or still alive.
Musical genres, other than metal, that you enjoy: punk rock, hardcore, industrial, grunge, some rap, PRINCE.
Who was the first metal band you liked? Do you still like them today?: honestly, I'm not quite sure. I'd probably have to Guns n Roses and Led Zeppelin.
Favorite movies: Big Fish, Donnie Darko, The Believer, American History X, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare before Christmas, SLC Punk, Suburbia, I could go on for quite some time...
Favorite book(s): any book written by Nietzsche, Running with Scissors, She's Come Undone, The Night I Disappeared, The Amityville Horror

What is your opinion on...
Metallica: I've never been much of a fan. Some of their old stuff is enjoyable, but they should have stopped when they cut their hair..
Nu-metal: music mall goths can cut their wrists to. Not a fan.
Cradle Of Filth - goth metal or black metal?: honestly, I'd say mall goth metal. but I think more so black metal.
Evanescence: I was a fan at first, I find Amy Lee to be very talented, musically and otherwise, but their sound is slightly generic.
Hot Topic: Fucking ridiculous. There should be only one Hot Topic allowed per state. America is turning into a garbage mall goth nation, yet they still spend too much money on clothes they can easily make themselves.
Gay marriage, and gay people in general: I have no problem with the homosexual society. It's their choice, and you can't do much to stop it. I think they should just legalize gay marriage, but ban divorce.
Racism: It doesn't get you anywhere. I can be racist, but I'm not A racist. But racial violence and discrimination will just get you behind bars or in worse, so where's your revolution? Where's your Reich? nowhere because you blew it on stupidity.
Sexism: I can be sexist, but sexism is stupid. I find men to be superior to women, but in some ways it is vice versa. I think men and women should have equal rights, but the only abusive spouse should be male. I'm sick of this tough, independent women shit.


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+I love you.
+All of your opinions except Cradle Of Filth being black metal. I'd say goth metal. And it is too bad that mallgoths like Cradle Of Filth, because I actually like Cradle and they have partially ruined the band for me.

and you know..mall goths tend to ruin many bands. It's horrendous.