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name: mike
age: 20
age you act: older when serious, 12 when not.
sex: male
significant other? if so, tell us a bit about him or her: none. i had hoped, though, that it would be this pretty girl named michelle. but ehh...
do you play any instruments? if so, what?: guitar. black epiphone special and a fender bronco amp with a korg g1 distortion processor and a korg hyper distortion gadget. i also have an acoustic guitar for classical tastes and brownouts.

ten favorite bands: black sabbath, slayer, metallica, pantera, megadeth, in flames, children of bodom, opeth, entombed, testament
your one FAVORITE band and why: slayer. although it was metallica who rescued me from pop music, it was slayer who crystallized my love for metal. i'll never forget the day my cousin lent me seasons in the abyss (minus the cover, because he was afraid my mom would trash it). the moment i heard blood red and spirit in black, i knew i had found my niche.
musical genres, other than metal, that you enjoy: instrumental, classical, blues, jazz, classic rock, hard rock
who was the first metal band you liked? do you still like them today?: metallica. hell yeah!
favorite movies: (there are actually a lot so i'll just mention five) sleepy hollow, monsters inc., the spitfire grill, nightmare before christmas, cold mountain
favorite book(s): the hobbit, tuesdays with morrie

what is your opinion on...
one of the greatest bands ever. they were right to kick dave mustaine out otherwise there'd be no megadeth. jason newstead and robert trujillo (or anyone for that matter) could never replace the late cliff burton. the black album is overrated and overplayed; i think i like load better. s&m was awful. master of puppets is the best album of all time... well, next to seasons in the abyss!
nu-metal: boring. not metal. wimp metal. monotonous. shallow. non-creative. laughable and forgettable. shit metal. like garbage left to rot out in the sun for days and days and days. worst thing that ever happened in musical history. well... maybe not. after all, there WAS disco.
cradle of filth - goth metal or black metal?: i'd say both, although a little bit more goth. great arrangements, haunting melodies, and aggressive riffing. dani filth's lyrics could be better, though. his prose could be used to express something more than beautiful allusions for violent sex, sex, and sex!
evanescence: i think amy lee is talented, and so is ben moody. perhaps they simply chose fame and fortune over the actualization of their full potential. or perhaps they dig the shit that is mainstream music today. or perhaps they're whores to commerce. hah hah, who knows?
hot topic: avril lavigne! angst had finally been commercialized. thank god we don't have that here. we already have more than our share of posers, skaters, emo, "punk", "rock", and *shudder* "metal" idiots who think simple plan is punk, slipknot is "real metal", malls are the place to be, and music the ticket to fame and pussy. whatever.
gay marriage, and gay people in general: no problem, as long as they play nice. i actually have gay friends and they're fun to be with. they always seem to have money to spare, which is a good thing, heh.
racism: ignorant and stupid. there is no room for that in my life.
sexism: men and women were not created equal. men are stronger in some ways than women are and vice versa. the closest thing they'll get to equality is equal rights. women had been fairly mistreated and sidelined throughout history, though, even in religion. everyone sees God as some old guy dressed in white.

i know this application or bio data or whatever it is might not count, but what the hell. i felt like answering. it had some good questions in it. and this was a good idea! although one that perhaps never caught on because to be metal is to be angry and not get chummy with other people! hah hah, right. bleh...
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